19 Mar 2019

CampusOnline notifies

Registration for courses of summer 2019 opened on Monday morning 18 March. We are delighted by the high number of the students who are interested in cross-institutional online studying and were willing to enrol. Unfortunately, our website did not work as planned and thus could not accommodate the high number of visitors wishing to enrol for courses. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We were prepared for a large number of visitors but were positively surprised by the over 20,000 visitors during the day. The capacity of the website has been improved from earlier each term and as for the capacity, we were fully prepared to answer the challenge. Unfortunately, the website was slowed down by a code error of which we only learned through the visitor peak on Monday as thousands of visitors tried to access the page simultaneously. The functioning of the website was slow and partially defective before the error was detected and corrected. However, the website was not down at any point. In future, we will pay careful attention not only to technical solutions but also our readiness to react to exceptional circumstances.

There is a clear demand for year-round joint study portal. CampusOnline has been generated to offer more flexible solutions for studying. Study units are available to students all over Finland. Through Open University of Applied Sciences, study units are also available for others than degree students at universities of applied sciences.

The selection covers hundreds of study units, the majority of which have a limited number of places. The most popular ones are always full immediately after the registration opens. There may be hundreds, even thousands, of students competing for participation in the same study unit, which means that all willing students cannot be accommodated in all study units. During the enrolment period for summer 2019, the above mentioned technical problems brought additional challenges.

We apologize for the situation and wish to thank everyone for patience. We also wish to remind you that CampusOnline is part of a project between several universities of applied sciences and it is still under development. The functioning of the portal is continuously being improved and we are happy to receive feedback on this. You can contact us at campusonline@turkuamk.fi.

We will also arrange a webinar regarding the development opportunities of CampusOnline on Monday 25 March at 12:00. Anyone interested in how CampusOnline operates and how it is developed are warmly welcome to attend. The webinar is arranged in the ZOOM online conferencing service. You can join the Monday webinar at https://jamk.zoom.us/j/309598665.