What is an Open Badge?

A digital Open Badge is a tool for identifying and acknowledging achieved skills.

Why should I apply for Open Badges?

Open Badges can be utilised in various ways. For example, they can be added to an electronic portfolio or CV, your own website, LinkedIn profile or your information in the staff Intranet.

Open Badges allow teachers to demonstrate their skills and achievements to a future employer, for example. Open Badges also promote awareness of colleagues’ skills in working communities.

Endorse eAMK badges and partners!

Open Badge Factory (OBF) allows you to endorse both partners and their badges. Endorsements add to the value and reliability of the badges and promote joint development of national badges, among other things.

OBF’s endorsement tools can only be used by persons with administrator rights. The endorsement process progresses as follows:

Adding partners, endorsing and requesting an endorsement

  • Add partners on the Network/Partner network page
  • Click on a partner’s information and
    • Endorse this partner
    • Request endorsement from this partner
  • Wait to see whether the partner accepts the request
  • In the future, any accepted endorsements will show up in the partner’s details
Requesting and accepting a badge endorsement
  • Create a new badge or edit an existing badge
  • Go to section 4. Endorsements
    • Request an endorsement by clicking the New endorsement link
    • The Pending requests section shows any requests that have been sent
  • All badge endorsement requests and endorsements can be found on the Network/Badge endorsements page
  • The Pending requests section shows any endorsement requests sent by partners, and you can accept them by endorsing them
  • Badge endorsements are shown in the badge’s details