Participants in foresight work – national level

  • The Finnish National Agency for Education’s electronic foresight information service (in Finnish) compiles news, results, statistics, forecasts, reports and foresight methods related to the anticipation of competence and educational needs. The forecasts concern the future occupational structure, educational needs in working life and the number of new students needed in young people’s education, among other things. The National Forum for Skills Anticipation (in Finnish) produces sector-specific information for anticipating educational and competence needs.
  • The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is an active participant in foresight work. It researches and investigates future prospects and trends affecting the future with various partners from multiple perspectives. Sitra’s website contains a great deal of interesting information about the future; Sitra’s list of trends is interesting from the perspective of competence needs and the transformation of work.
  • The National Foresight Network identifies and analyses drivers, trends and signals of change that are significant for Finnish society and the national economy. is an open meeting place for experts, decision-makers and citizens who are interested in the discourse on the future. The future outlooks of the National Foresight Network inspire discourse.
  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland publishes sector-specific reports on the business situation and future outlooks of various sectors.
  • The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) anticipates competence needs. It has carried out projects related to the future of business skills, the private service sector and the industrial and construction sectors, among other things. Check out the reports (in Finnish).
  • The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Finnvera Oyj and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment work together to produce the SME barometer (in Finnish) on the operations and economic environment of SMEs twice a year. The barometer is published as both national and regional reports. The national report examines the results from the perspective of the entire SME sector, in addition to a breakdown into the main sectors, i.e. industry, construction, trade and services. In the regional reports, development is particularly compared between the companies in the region in question and the entire country.
  • The occupational barometer shows the view of the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices) on the near-future outlooks of key occupations.
  • Good links about the future can also be found on the European Commission’s Futurium.
  • Society is undergoing a transformation. Digitalisation is transforming work, occupations and entire sectors. DNA has published interesting videos on the impacts of digitalisation on work (in Finnish) and life.

Participants in foresight work – regional level

  • Regional councils and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) maintain regional foresight networks and produce information on regional competence needs. Foresight work is carried out with very different approaches in different regions, so you should check out not only the materials produced in your own region but also the way in which other regions perceive the future. For example, provides information on the population, business life and job market in Central Finland in aggregated form. Its purpose is to serve the decision-making processes of different parties in the region and help build a shared view of the future of Central Finland. The regularly released publications/materials (in Finnish) concerning or produced in Central Finland are compiled on the Publications (Julkaisut) page. The newsletters released on foresight work in Central Finland provide information on trends, phenomena and weak signals that will interest everyone.
  • For regional information on Pirkanmaa (in Finnish), visit:
  • Foresight in Southeast Finland (in Finnish):
  • On the future of Kainuu (in Finnish):
  • Ennakointikamari (in Finnish) gathers the business life, educational institutions, organisations and administrative organisations in Uusimaa together. Here, you can also easily find current materials pertaining to the whole country.
  • (in Finnish)
  • SATAMITTARI (in Finnish) is a public data bank on the Satakunta region that compiles statistical, research and foresight data on Satakunta.
  • (in Finnish)
  • (in Finnish)
  • The regional data bank (in Finnish) for South Ostrobothnia provides statistical data on trends in different sectors in South Ostrobothnia – the data bank compiles key foresight and monitoring data that supports the region’s development.
  • (in Finnish)
  • Lapin luotsi guides you to sources of regional foresight data and helps you form a picture of the future prospects of Lapland.

Information on employment prospects

  • Information on the employment prospects and competence needs of occupations: 
  • ManpowerGroup’s job market barometer measures employers’ plans to increase or reduce their personnel on a quarterly basis.